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Trading securities involves risks. The outcomes depicted may vary based on your knowledge and risk tolerance. These illustrations demonstrate potential and do not guarantee exact results.

Make 10X Positional PROFITS every Month

without complex systems & calculations,

 with my Positional Profits Blueprint (2-Days LIVE Workshop). 

Price Rs.1000 @just Rs.499/-

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6th & 7th July (Slots Full)
13th & 14th July | Sat-Sun | 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


  • Trade confidently without complex systems
  • Make substantial gains with minimal time investment
  • Create an additional source of income effortlessly
  • Enjoy more time for yourself & your loved ones
  • Achieve financial freedom & security

Who is this workshop for


Busy Entrepreneurs


Investors with Funds


Extra Income Seeker


Working Professionals


Trading Enthusiasts


Retirees and Seniors

And, anyone with a passion for making money, who is striving for sustainable income from the stock market and wants expert guidance, support and a community of like-minded individuals is welcome to join!

Results of Traders who Practiced

It may vary as per your learnings and risk appetite and the risk is always involved in market. But yes this is to just show you the potential of it. These are daily profits of a person using 1-2 lacs capital in options intraday.

What you will learn in this LIVE Workshop:


1. Basics of Stock Market

We'll start from the ground up, ensuring you have a solid understanding of how the stock market functions. You'll learn the fundamentals, terminology & key concepts that are essential.


2. Types of Trading

We'll demystify the various trading approaches, from day trading to swing trading & of course, positional trading. You'll gain insights into which trading style aligns best with your goals.


3. 10X Trading Psychology

Mastering the psychology of trading is critical. Delve deep into the psychology behind 10X Profits trading, helping you develop the mental discipline & emotional resilience needed to thrive.


4. Potential of Market

Discover the immense potential of the stock market as a wealth-building tool. We'll unveil the opportunities and advantages that can transform your financial future.


5. Market Conditions

Understanding of the different market conditions, including bull markets, bear markets, & sideways markets. You'll learn how to adapt your strategies to thrive in any market environment.


6. Candlestick Explanation

Candlestick patterns are a powerful tool for technical analysis. We'll provide a clear and practical explanation of these patterns, enabling you to interpret charts effectively.

Moreover, I'll show you Examples of successful charts which have given up to 10X results in past, Charts which have given extraordinary move in Corona 2021 & Explain charts which have given extraordinary results to so many students and clients.

6th & 7th July (Slots Full)
13th & 14th July | Sat-Sun | 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Price Rs.1000 @just Rs.499/-

(The Price Increases to Rs.1000 from the Next Batch)

 HURRY UP! Last 3 Spots Left. 

3 Exclusive Bonuses (worth ₹20000)​

These are fast-action bonuses. You will get these only if you enroll before timer hits zero.


Bonus-1: Worth ₹5000

- Invaluable Mind-map that condenses the key insights from our LIVE class.
- Helps you reinforce your learning & make informed trading decisions with ease.


Bonus-2: Worth ₹5000

- Gain access to a selection of historical charts that have delivered exceptional results.
- Gain insights into identifying patterns and opportunities for profit in your own trading journey.


Bonus-3: Worth ₹10000

- Helps you program your mind for financial success.
- Learn proven techniques to build confidence, stay disciplined, and cultivate a winning mindset that's essential for consistent profitability.

Sujata Pal

Your Coach, Expert Trader & Analyst

Meet Sujata Pal, a young stock market technical analyst with a remarkable 5-year journey in the world of stock markets. Her vision is crystal clear: to empower individuals like you to become independent and profitable traders.

She is more than just an analyst; she's your guide to achieving financial freedom. Her expertise lies in intraday and short-term positional trading within the Indian markets. With her, it's not just about numbers; it's about energy and transformation.

She has already left her mark on over 2000 individuals, each stepping into the world of real-time trading with a newfound perspective.


Why Should I TRUST You?

Bcz You're not the 1st. There are 2000+ Students who have taken it & started earning up to 10X Profits in the stock market.
See what some of our Students say...

6th & 7th July (Slots Full)
13th & 14th July | Sat-Sun | 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Price Rs.1000 @just Rs.499/-

(The Price Increases to Rs.1000 from the Next Batch)

 HURRY UP! Last 3 Spots Left. 

Only Action-takers Win

Read reviews of our students & their experiences with ME.
Experience True Financial Growth in No Time!



I am confident that I have the ability to provide you with the best learning experience ever. That's why I offer a 2-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with it in any way, just email me and I will give you a full refund.


Achieve your Dream Income Goal

by Strengthening your Skills with ME

6th & 7th July (Slots Full)
13th & 14th July | Sat-Sun | 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Price Rs.1000 @just Rs.499/-

(The Price Increases to Rs.1000 from the Next Batch)

 HURRY UP! Last 3 Spots Left. 

It's NOT for those 99%...

(Choose wisely for your financial freedom...)

Choice #1

  • Just leave this page and put yourself through trial-error again.
  • Place yourself among the 99% of traders with a victim mentality.
  • Continue to struggle to make money in the stock market.
  • Continue to waste your time on complex systems that don't work.
  • Continue to be dependent on others to make money for you.

Choice #2

  • Learn how to trade in a simplified manner by saving a lot of time.
  • Take action NOW and start your journey to financial freedom.
  • Make money in any type of market falling or going up.
  • Trade on your own without depending on others to make money through trading.
  • Don't waste another moment in front of a screen. Let your money work for you.

If it makes sense then I'll be your vehicle to achieve it. So don't wait even a moment & Go ahead.

Still, Have Questions? - Look Here

1. What is the Positional Profits Blueprint?

The Positional Profits Blueprint is a revolutionary trading system that allows anyone to make up to 10X Profits in the stock market, even if they don't have a lot of time or experience.

2. How does the Positional Profits Blueprint work?

The Positional Profits Blueprint is based on the principle of buying or selling stocks and holding them for a few days or weeks for a short-term time, and then booking the one-way move in a few days.

3. Who is the Positional Profits Blueprint for?

The Positional Profits Blueprint is for busy professionals who want to make money in the stock market, but don't have the time to learn complex systems or sit in front of a screen all day. It's also for anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom through the stock market, but doesn't have the time or expertise to do it on their own.

4. Will it be live or pre-recorded?

Great question. This is a Live Workshop with the LIVE Q&A session.

5. Will I get lifetime access?

As we are charging a very nominal fee, we expect you to attend the session, don't worry we still have you covered, as you proceed to register, also select the recording option, So that will be provided to you.

6. How do I get started?

Take the first step of enrollment by clicking on the button below. Fill in your details at checkout. Make Payment. After successful payment, you will get a link to Join the Workshop WhatsApp Group. (check your registered email inbox including spam and promotion folders). Just join that group and there you will get further details.



Positional Profits every Month with ME?


with Mr. Aditya Ghosh
(Co-founder, Akasa Air & Ex. President, Indigo)


with Mr. Ram Verma
(India’s Leading NLP Coach)


with Mr. Siddharth Rajsekar
(India’s Leading Digital Coach)


with Mr. Thaddeus Lawrence
(International Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Trainer)

If you have come this far then what are you waiting for?
The Positional Profits Blueprint is the easiest way to earn 10X Profits in the stock market, even if you don't have a lot of time or experience.
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6th & 7th July (Slots Full)
13th & 14th July | Sat-Sun | 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Price Rs.1000 @just Rs.499/-

(The Price Increases to Rs.1000 from the Next Batch)

HURRY UP! Last 3 Spots Left.

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